predicting since 2019


General Usage Guidelines:
  • Take photos from the top-down with nothing obstructioning the view on the SCOBY (such as glass).
  • Try to fill the frame with the jar and SCOBY.
  • Disable the flash, the reflection can often look like mould
  • Ensure the area of concern is in focus, on mobile devices this usually means tapping the screen to focus on the area.
  • Photos taken from the side or through glass/plastic/anything will result in poor prediction results.
  • Use a 'normal' picture mode, this means dont use Portrait, Night Mode and also disable the flash.
  • Visible reflections from things like flashes can often be confused as mould
  • If a picture is subjective, often will struggle too. Garbage in, garbage out!

Error States:
Image too blurry, try again!
  • The provided image is too blurry, try focus on the pellicle.
Image too noisy, try again!
  • The provided image is too noisy, try focus on the pellicle.
Not enough pellicle is visible
  • Not enough of the pellicle (the leathery disc) is visible, ensure the photo is taken top down with the pellicle filling up the photo.
No pellicle detected
  • For a prediction to be made, the pellicle must be detected.