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Q: What is this website? uses machine learning to detect if your Kombucha SCOBY has mould or kahm growing on it whilst brewing.

Q: Why?

I built this tool to learn more about machine learning.

Q: How does isitmouldy work?

This tool is built using Machine Learning, specifically under the hood it uses the following technologies:

Q: Whats it mean if I check "Use this image for retraining"?

By checking that we periodically pull photos from the database which have given consent to improve our machine learning model.

Q: How long do you store photos for?

Originals are only kept if you opt-in to retraining by clicking "Use this image for retraining". Prediction result images are currently kept indefinitely.

Q: Why do you have ads?

Purely to offset the cost of hosting, as running machine learning models requires expensive hardware.

Q: Is it mold or mould?

Both spellings are correct depending on where you live.

Q: Why is your frontend so crappy?

I'm not a frontend developer, I didn't want to spend too much time on the UI and instead focused more on models & tools around making evaluation of new models easier.